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30-day Children's Book Challenge

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Families, parents, teachers, big thinkers…

Self-publish Your Children's Book in 30 Days

Without hiring expensive designers or illustrators
(Even if you don’t know where to start & can’t draw a stick figure)

That children’s book in your head can actually be written, illustrated, & up on Amazon one month from today.

I know how it goes. Every once in a while it pops back up in your mind, but then you think…

It’s too complicated. 

I don’t know how to set up a book. 

❌ I’m not a writer.

❌ Illustrators and designers are expensive. 

❌ I’d need a publisher and have no idea how to do that.

And you go on about your day. Soon it drifts away again as just a hope & “someday” dream.

But what if it wasn’t actually that hard? 

What if, one month from now… 

✅ You had the book written, the pages illustrated, and a final book ready to launch on Amazon?

✅ Your friends cheer you on, so proud of your accomplishment.

✅ You’ve inspired family members to now go after their dreams.

✅ You’ve checked that big dream off your list and you see that you can do it again any time you want.

✅ You’re finally impacting lives with that story you’ve been carrying with you.

✅ And now you can celebrate!

How do I know this can be your story? 

For the past 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to help thousands of people through this second ‘story’ and they have some things in common…

Almost everyone comes in unsure and wondering if they can do it, even those you'd think would have ALL the confidence.

But they soon realize that if they have a step-by-step process to follow and someone to talk to when they have questions, it’s just not as hard as they thought it would be. I realized that we all just need a cheerleader who can provide guidance & proven path to follow.

And the big kicker in 2023?

It has become even easier with the use of AI or artificial intelligence.

I’m not talking about robots coming in to take over the world. (I mean, unless that’s part of your children’s book.)

Just tools that help you write & create the illustrations for your book without having to stress over the how-to (or who to pay your firstborn’s college tuition to) just to make it a reality.

The tools available right now can simplify and speed up this process for you.

Imagine starting with no story ideas, but simply asking the right question to AI and getting 10 creative, unique ideas back in under a minute. 

Then asking it to write the story and seeing it written right in front of your eyes.

Next you tell it about your character or scene with a “prompt” and watch it create options for you.

What planet are we on & what year are we living in????

What an amazing time to be alive.

I’m Lisa Peterson

I’ve written several books to help empower kids, and have helped authors publish over 3,900 books!

Many of those authors have taken those to bestseller status on Amazon. Woohoo!

Here are just a few that we’re cheering on…

Tracy, who already had her first few books out and wrote another version for a younger market. 

We helped with her cover and she took it from there!

And Mindy, a first-time author who had a “Snake on Her Head!” (fear & worry) but overcame it with consistent action following our full system. 

She ended up hitting bestseller status & getting booked on multiple podcasts & stages.

We are so excited for her!

Or Jenna, an amazing teacher at a charter school in Wisconsin, who decided to turn some of her mom's stories into children's books.

Now she's working on her next book.

Or Mayer, whose books came to life through his family.

If you’d like help creating and publishing your children's book or even a book full of different children’s stories with a little boost from AI, here’s what I’d love to share with you…

Introducing the 30-day
AI Children’s Book Challenge

What can you expect?

  • Daily emails Monday-Friday that take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the process. (This is how you will receive the training! Why? Because you will learn more easily by taking only one step each day until the end, without having to weed through some tech to get the info you need.)
  • Know exactly what to do each day. No getting stuck wondering what’s next.
  • Reply to any email with questions & I’ll send you a reply personally.
  • The secrets to using AI to give you catchy book titles, adorable story ideas, fully written stories with or without your input, and sweet children’s book illustrations that will bring your creation to life.
  • Templates and insider knowledge we've used to help almost 4,000 people self-publish their books (including many we produced as Amazon’s leading outsourced design team).

By the time you’re done you’ll:

  • Know how to “talk” to AI with the right prompts so it creates what you need.
  • Have beautiful illustrations you created yourself with the use of AI, even if you’re not an artist (Saving you $1,000+ in illustration fees)
  • Get 10, 20, 30 story ideas, any time you want.
  • Have your story written for you based on those ideas or your own.
  • Have your book published on Amazon (& how to make sure Amazon accept your “AI” written book) using our templates and guidance.
  • Get answers & share your successes with a growing community of like-minded folks self-publishing their books.
  • Get guidance for every detail with daily step-by-step walkthroughs over email & video.
  • Celebrate being a published author!

The real cost of not creating your book…

How long has that story been rattling around in your head? 

😲 What will happen if you don’t create that beautiful dream that’s just waiting to become real? 

😲 Will you still be thinking about it every time you see another children’s book, or a friend shows you theirs? 

😲 Will you always wish you had?

😲 Will it just fade away, back into a wish and a hope for “some day” down the road?

There’s a reason that thought keeps coming up for you. 

❤️ That spark of an idea is just waiting for you because you’re the one who can do it.❤️

Forge Ahead!

Many of the authors above were working with us one on one. 

They were able to create some wonderful books but for some, it meant they were paying up to $6,000 to get it done.

But not everyone can or should pay that, and I can’t work with everyone either, unfortunately.

So to make this affordable, we created this program so everyone could access it.

Right from your email inbox, every day.

You don’t need to guess, or wonder what to do.

Just you, finally being a published children’s book author.

Since this is kind of a test and I’d like to get some feedback from everyone, we’re keeping the cost down from what we would normally expect to charge for group access ( $1,500+ ) instead, charging just $97. So if you promise to leave me some feedback either way, I'm in if you are.

I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to keep that price down, but if you think this is for you, give it a try.

(Also check out the reduced pricing available on this page for $37 & $57. It's just temporary, but if it's there, take advantage.)

A few final questions…

➡️ Would you like to be a published author?

➡️ Would you like to make an impact and inspire others?

➡️ Would you like a simple but thorough path to get there?

There are some things in life that we should just get on with and do while we're here. And I believe that writing your stories for yourself, your family, the people you love, your community, future generations, and people you don't even know, is one of the most important things you can do in your lifetime.

If you think so too, let's go. I believe in you and I know you can do this. And I'll be there to help.

The next class starts Monday.

Click the "I want this" button & get started on your 30-Day AI Children’s Book Challenge

100% Happiness Guarantee

If you go for it and don’t love it, we’ll refund your $ up to a full year later. 

Yep, 365 days. 


But don’t go in with that intent. You can do this. 

Commit, take it step by step and finally become a published author.


Is there anything else I’ll need to buy for this course?

If you plan to use AI for your illustrations, the software we recommend will require an online subscription. Then you can have the illustrations created for you & the rights to use them. That’s $10-15 per month, but if you are following the program, you should only need it for one month.

Who is this for? Do you…

  • Have a dream to become a published author?
  • Have an idea for a children’s book or a book full of children’s stories?
  • Want to self-publish a children’s book but have no story ideas?
  • Need simple but beautiful illustrations created?
  • Just curious about AI & want to create?

Who is this not for?

If you need elaborate, in-depth illustrations with multiple characters in each drawing that are highly specific, and you need those same characters and scenes repeated together in different ways throughout an entire book, this may not be the ideal route. AI may not be quite ready for that yet.

As they say, for now, AI is great at creating anything, but not necessarily every little thing.

You may need custom illustrations or you may need to simplify what you are trying to accomplish with them. Not sure? Feel free to email, tell us about your specific needs, & we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction:

What if I’m not a writer or illustrator?

We’ll walk you through how to use the tools to create your text and illustrations for your children’s book or even a book full of different children’s stories. You don't need experience, you just need to be willing to follow the steps.

Do I need a publisher?

Nope. Some of the most successful authors have used self-publishing rather than relying on hoping someone out there will “accept” their book.

Do I have to let AI write my story? What if I already have my own?

You can absolutely use the story you already have written!

AI is only there to provide a little support in the areas you need it for. Maybe you only need some catchy, fun book title ideas. Maybe you only need illustrations created. Maybe you just want to see it write a few stories out for you. Maybe you don’t need AI at all and you just want to get the daily emails that walk you through the self-publishing process from A to Z…then you can ask us questions when you get stuck.

Is AI going to do the work without any issues?

Remember, AI is not perfect. Things could go wrong: It could take longer than you expected to get what you want; you may need to experiment. You may need to keep your illustrations simpler than planned. But if you can describe what you want, follow step-by-step instructions, reach out when you have questions, while remaining flexible, you can do this. It will be worth it.

What if I have questions during the 30-day program?

You’ll receive an email each weekday during the month. Just click ‘reply’ and ask your question. We’ll get right back to you with a personal response. 

I don’t like the idea of AI helping me with my book.

I totally get that. But I realized that we are all using tools every day that people could not have imagined using 50 years ago. As designers & illustrators ourselves, we’re all just using them as that - tools - to enhance our skills and make our lives easier, not to replace ourselves. But if it’s not for you, that’s completely ok!

Will you help me get my book up on Amazon?

Yes! We’ll provide templates that you can use to set up your book, and we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to add it to Amazon.

Can you just write, illustrate, and publish my book for me?

We’re not taking any new children’s book projects right now, unfortunately. Since that investment could be up to $6,000 this is a much more cost-effective way to self-publish while still getting personal feedback on any questions you might have, and all the support you need.

You got this & we’re with you. Let’s go…

Click the "I want this" button & get started on your 30-Day AI Children’s Book Challenge

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

• Complete your own self-published children's book • 30 days of emails Monday through Friday • Full support - ask questions any time

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30-day Children's Book Challenge

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